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Please note, Jeffrey D. Pearlman is now a member of Conkle, Kremer & Engel PLC. You may contact him by going to their site or calling 310-998-9100.

Commercial disputes over business transactions are a fact of life for all mid-sized companies. They may involve contract interpretation, development controversies, intellectual property rights, payment of profits, distribution of losses or disagreements among business partners. They can even center on allegations of fraud or business torts such as unfair competition and interference with contract.

When the issues are sophisticated and the stakes potentially large, a wide range of small and mid-sized businesses and industries ask me to represent them as plaintiffs or defendants. Getting results is my prime consideration in the representation of clients in complex litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution of single and multiparty claims concerning:

  • General Business Disputes, Including Breach of Contract, Fraud and Unfair Competition and Business Practices
  • Real Estate
  • Loans, Guarantees and Work-Outs
  • Certain Employment and Labor Law Issues
  • Insurance, Including Tendering and Obtaining Coverage, and Insurer Bad Faith
  • Intellectual Property and Copyright Enforcement
  • Corporation, Partnership and Limited Liability Company Rights and Disputes
  • Attachments, Foreclosures and Judgment Enforcement

I personally handle every step of the litigation process: depositions, discovery, pleadings, motions, bench and jury trial presentations, mediations and settlement conferences, arbitrations and appeals.

In the reported case of Mayer v. Driver (2002) 98 Cal. App. 4th 48, I successfully defended a general contractor through trial and appeal in a dispute over a 352-unit apartment complex in Huntington Beach, California. The issues decided in this published opinion include the rights of partners under an agreement of limited partnership, the rights of partners against third parties and the award of attorneys’ fees to a prevailing party under a written contract.

A lawsuit can be the biggest threat you face – or the best way to defend your vital interests. Litigation is a major step that involves time and expense, so you want a lawyer who listens first, and who understands your goals, concerns and resources.

I define winning as achieving what you need – whether it’s in a settlement or at trial. I give you a frank assessment of what you face, along with a plan for achieving the results you seek – and I know how to deliver.

Los Angeles Litigation Services
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